All advanced features are included

AhsayWhiteLabel is the only White Label backup package that includes all the advanced features listed below as a standard. This means a single package provides your customers with the best and most secure backup facilities available. 

The fastest backup

The In-File Delta technology developed in-house by Ahsay sends the original file only once, after which only changes in the file are sent that were made to the file since the previous backup.

Secure Data Protection

All accounts are protected by passwords and the latest 256-bit encryption techniques. Backup data is uploaded via a secure SLL connection.


Redundant protection

AhsayWhiteLabel stores the data in a redundant environment in our state-of-the-art data centre, ensuring that your customers’ data is secure at all times.

All Databases and Virtual systems

Ahsay comes with backup modules for all common databases and all Virtual Systems.

Use your own brand

You can easily customize AhsayWhiteLabel and use your own brand.