Use your own brand

You can easily design your AhsayWhiteLabel in your own brand – please follow the instructions below. 


Please note: This does not work in the demo environment. You must first register in the ‘Free Trial’ section before you start.


Any changes you make will only be visible in your own online backup environment. 


Adjusting your Online Backup Server Management Console

In addition to adjusting your management console, this feature also allows you to change the logos included in outgoing emails. 


Please note: any changes to the Online Backup Server Management Console apply directly to all users. 

Step 1:Create a Host/URL for your backup service, e.g. Create a CNAME record in your DNS ( to your backup(xx) (see your welcome email for the correct backup server).The Online Backup Client should refer to your host name ( 


Please note: It may take a while for your DNS changes to be processed. 


Step 2:Logon to your Online Backup Server Management Console. Go to ‘Manage System User’. 

Enter your details

Name: Name of your backup service 

Email: The sender address displayed for emails 

Host name: the web address of your backup service, as specified in Step 1. 


Step 3:Download and store the standard mark-up file on your computer; this contains the GIF folder including all the logos as they are visible now. Replace these logos with your own logos, making sure not to change the format and file type (GIF).You can also adjust the CSS (site layout), although you should do this only if you know how this works. 

Next, convert this into a zip file. Please note: Go to the ‘Custom’ file and select the CSS, GIF and PDF files. Click on the right mouse button; then select: Copy to > Compressed folder (i.e. Zipped folder). 


Name this folder ‘Custom’ and copy only this Zip to your desktop.Logon to your Online Backup Server Management Console. 


Go to ‘Manage System User’ and upload your ‘’ file at ‘Customize Interface’. The change will be visible after refreshing the page.


Design your own Client 

Login to the customization portal. 


Username and Password: you will receive your username and password in your welcome email. 

Create a new profile in the top-left corner by clicking ‘Add’. Enter your company name here. You're using a shared environment.

Follow steps 1-6 in the portal.

Useful tools

We recommend using Adobe Fireworks as the operating software for the images (similar to Photoshop but designed for screen images). Download a 30-day free trial of this program.

You can create your own icons in the client – they indicate whether the backup is running, and they will be displayed on the desktop as well. You can create icons using one of the free Icon Makers or – even more easily – the OnlineIconMaker.

Not yet ready to design your Client?

No problem, just use our default. 

Latest version: 6.11

- Download Windows Client

- Download Linux Client
- Download Mac OSX Client

Make sure you use your Backup Host URL (